Wednesday, August 28, 2013

5 Reasons 2013 is the Year Of Music Blackface


The line that follows that Jay-Z's lyric may be responsible for capturing the phenomenon of the America's current twerking hysteria. On a day where we celebrate 50 years of the impact Dr. King's (plagiarized) speech "I Have A Dream",  black music culture appropriation simultaneously reached a fever pitch with the twerking phenomenon. But it goes deeper than just twerking being added to the Oxford fucking dictionary.

(Oxford. The most prestigious and oldest English speaking university in the WORLD. Twerking.) 

Watching the MTV music awards this past weekend, I didn't feel like I was being entertained (except on Twitter). I felt like I was being mocked. Like an episode of The Boondocks. (Aaron McGruder, you got 7 seasons worth of material based on this weekend alone)  

I'm not one who clamors for ownership over silly things like the word "twerk", but when I see Miley Cyrus' dis-proportionately large head saying that she wants an "more black sound" and she loves "hood music" while trying to shake her back on Beetlejuice ass nigga Robin Thicke, no wonder I'm so annoyed. 

This shit is blackface. Surprised nobody has recognized it sooner. 

Quickly, blackface is basically appropriation, mocking, and exploitation of black culture in an attempt to capitalize off it. And the culprits below are more guilty of this than anybody out right now. Blackface exists in many other forms, such as The Cleveland Show or a Lisa Lampenelli stand-up routine. (God, I'm so glad Patrice O'Neal made her cry. RIP)

This is all Wale's fault, but that's not why we're here. #edges 

5 reasons why 2013 Is The Year Of Music Blackface. 

Once respectable Major News Sites Are Clearly Members Of Black Twitter Therefore Deemed Unproductive

CNN. August 25th. The top headline and story IN THE ENTIRE WORLD? 

Miley Cyrus twerking. On CN fucking N. Not the war and genocide in Syria. Not Egypt in the midst of political turmoil. MILEY CYRUS. 

After seeing that, I see ABC with a tweet: What Is Twerking? A Scientific Explanation. 

You mean the biggest news conglomerate in the U.S. is posting on their Twitter account about the origins of twerking. 

Then I saw the Huffington Post headline: WATCH AMBER ROSE TWERK LIKE A BOSS AT HER WEDDING. 

Ladies and gents: JOURNALISM!!!!

It's clear to me. News stations are now members of Black Twitter. 

Wait until FOX news follows Black Twitter and starts leading their newsbreaks with slander wars and $200 dates. CAN'T WAIT!!!


White Singers Doing Awful Impressions Of Black Soul Singer's music. White Singer Surprised When Black Singer's Family Sues Him

I've always called Robin Thicke either a bad karoake verison of Marvin Gaye or the person who absorbed or kidnapped the remains of JC Chavez. 

So, Thicke, with the help of the ageless vampire Pharrell,  has the biggest and most annoying hit of the year with "Blurred Lines" and pre-emptively decides to offer Marvin Gaye's family six-figures for...I guess...a goodwill "don't sue me bro" gesture? Naturally, Gaye's estate sues Thicke for pretty much stealing every element of Gaye's "Got To Give It Up" 

 Beforehand, Thicke attempted to sue in order to make claims that they didn't steal or sample any of Marvin's room. Then the family sued Thicke. Hell, Aailyah and Zhane have made covers of "Got To Give It Up.

Somewhere in my head, I'm picturing Thicke says "nah, we didn't steal everythinggggg. We just....uhhh....stole what we needed to make the biggest hit of my career. That's all!!" 

It's true. Word to Elvis Presley and Pat Boone.


MTV is trying to replace YOU rappers with Macklemore 

I have nothing against Macklemore. I admire and salute his hustle. Independent and went platinum. Been grindin for 10 years in Seattle's hip-hop scene. I still think he's the grown-up version of this kid in my head

I won't accuse him of appropriating and profiting black culture, but I will accuse MTV's obvious slight at the absence of real hip-hop presence at the awards show. 

The only black rappers that were in attendance was Drake (Who's half Jewish and half Teddy Bear), Kendrick Lamar (The New King Of NY) and Kanye (who isn't black. He's Jesus. DUH)

Fun fact: Diddy and Jay-Z actually boycotted the awards because they probably knew that MTV wasn't going to pay tribute to NYC's stamp on hip-hop. Especially...ewww...BLACK rappers. 

MTV's failure to recognize anything black is well-documented throughout the years, but MTV is clearly trolling all of us. 


Justin Timberlake is somehow R&B Jesus 

This might not end well. 

I won't sit here and tell you how incredible and amazing Justin Timberlake is, because he is. He's cool. Talented. Hard Worker. But one thing he is NOT

He is not the king of R&B or soul. He is not R&B Jesus. He's more like Pop Jesus. His music isn't R&B, and his attempts at soul (Holy Grail, That Girl, etc) are awkward attempts at best for my likings. Timbaland isn't exactly a soul producer or musician, and 90% of his production is synthesized or with his mouth. Its not a slight on either party, but I don't consider them strictly R&B.   

R&B music is dead. Its all hybrid shit, with very few artists that can do R&B music very well are deadbeats (see my last post).

Let's call JT what he is: a very talented pop megastar with elements of R&B, Soul, and Funk. 

Yes, Timberlake has the ultimate honorary black card. Yes he's beloved in our community. But before y'all make him a nigga, just understand the type of music that he makes. 

(Also, I suggest Allen Stone or Mayer Hathrowne if you're trying to fill that white soul boy quota on your iTunes)

Miley Cyrus making the fatal white person mistake of confusing being cool and edgy with acting "black"


I'm not going to go too deep into this one. You see it happening. You've probably seen this happen in high school. I don't have to comment on how Miley asked for a more "urban, hood" vibe on her new album. Or the fact that the new album is aptly named "Bangerz." Or the fact she has a song with Justin Beiber called "Twerk." You see it happening. Miley probably sees this as an opportunity to break free of the "Hannah Montana" days and create a new identity for herself. 

Problem is, in Hannah Montana, we were laughing because she was pretending. 

We're doing the exact same thing now

In about 3 alive Miley Cyrus

Dictated, not read


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The 5 Real Deadbeat Dads To R&B

(If you missed my "5 Deadbeat Dads Of Hip-Hop" blog, check it out here. You'll have all the context you need for this post)

Where do I begin...

R&B. Turns out if you ask the average person what the hell R and B stands for, many of them can't tell you that it stands for rhythm and blues. Many people can't tell you an R&B artist before 1970. Hell, many people can't tell you an R&B singer now that's not white.

Regardless, you're not here for a history lesson.

You're here to read about me talk about the deadbeat dads of R&B. And edges. 

They had us fooled like K. Michelle's rear end. At first, these five guys were great dads to R&B. They took care of the elements of soul. Paid dues. They payed tribute to their roots in their music. But now? 

You can't find these niggas anywhere near R&B music anymore. Its like trying to find a husband for Kenya Moore. Not in God's will at the current moment. (Or ever)

Below are the 5 deadbeat dads to R&B. 


He fooled us. He fooled me. And he fooled you. 

How you ask? 

Remember "How Does It Feel?" The video? The Prince-esque faslettos? The fact that you can't recite any of the verse because you don't know what the fuck D'Angelo is saying in the verse? 

(I'm serious, if you know the verses to this song, feel free to @ me with it. No google, no wiki.) 

Well, that song was about the fact that he's about to leave our asses for 12 gotdamnned years without an explanation. 

D'Angelo, talent wise, is the best deadbeat dad on this list. Vocally and musically, he's in a category of his own. Questlove called him the last real R&B artist left on earth. He did all the chores. He paid the bills. He tried to do right by Angie Stone....yeah....her....

But once the pressure of being a in-demand dad for his kids became too much, he ran. He scoffed at the notion of being a sex symbol. He felt his music (R&B) was being overlooked and decided to face his demons head-on.  

When you get a chance, read the GQ interview with him for a full-explanation of his troubles, background, and his redemption. He's trying. But we can't deny the fact that he's a deadbeat dad to R&B.  

D'Angelo is "back" on the grind, and we're STILL waiting for an album. Unlike anyone in urban music, we are clamoring for D'Angelo to be great. We want to put him in the same sentence as the greats. But 2 albums in 18 years, though 2 very impressive albums, won't put you in the same sentence as Marvin Gaye, James Brown, and Curtis Mayfield. Sorry. 


This is an interesting one. 

Usher, for all intents and purposes, is the most commercially successful deadbeat dad on this list. From the age of 14 when he attended Diddy's camp (please read about how Diddy used to send a 13 year-old Usher to strip clubs. Great read). Usher's forte? R&B music. As much as fans and critics wanted to make him the next MJ, he's simply Usher. His catalog is filled with R&B classics. Confessions is his Blueprint. He beat up Tyrese in the "My Way" video. 

Usher was a great father to R&B. Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis made sure he took care of it. But then came along this futurisic slave ass nigga


Who produced "OMG" and Usher's profile exploded overseas. Now we're stuck with an Usher rocking a Caesar cut, dressing 23, jumping around doing rave pop music, missing notes, and fist pumping instead of sticking to his R&B roots. His last album (dope by the way) barely went gold. Critics say that he alienated his core fans fuckin with this new revolutionary pop sound. 

And now we're left with this.

This is clearly Chili's fault. 

(....and I'll allow it)

Come home dad. We need you. 



Just kidding. 

Maxwell. Once heralded as the next Prince. Is a deadbeat dad to R&B music. But when he comes back home to R&B music....


To his credit, Maxwell has 4 very stellar albums, and is considered by many the finest light-skinted crooner of his generation. But between 2001 and 2009, he literally disappeared. Can you imagine leaving a child for 8 years without a trace? 

You probably get this

He came back in 2009 with Pretty Wings. Which is basically telling women get the fuck out of my life so you can love good again. And we got these hussies, blinded by the bells and chords, walking down the aisle to this song. 


Bobby Brown - THE KANG OF R&B

You ever see that dad in the neighborhood who brags about how he used to go toe-to-toe with Michael Jordan in his prime, and the kids look at him like "nigga please"

That's being Bobby Brown for ya. 

Bobby Brown is credited with being the premier New Jack Swing artist of the late 80s. From his humble beginnings in New Edition, to his successful yet troubled solo career, Bobby Brown garnered flack for essentially being himself. Hell, he released an album last year. That makes a total of 5 albums in 30 years. FIVE. 

But he's a deadbeat dad to R&B music. He's the DMX of this list, in the sense that his constant non-music endeavors completely overshadowed the fact that he was the one of the best R&B artists of his time. And like DMX, we can blame drugs for most of it. And its not that other R&B artists before his time suffered from the same demons. 

Those other R&B artists weren't married to the greatest vocal performer of our generation. Whitney Houston. (RIP)

Sadly, neither singer was able to regain their form musically (Whitney got a lot closer than Bobby) and their tumultuous marriage was marred by tabloids for infidelities, arrests, and their reality show. I think he gets unfairly credited with "ruining" Whitney's career. But imagine if he would've stayed home with R&B music and put the shenanigans aside. 

We would get more of this

Finally, the last deadbeat dad to this list........

Lauryn Hill (again)....

(just kidding....but nigga you know I'm right)

Actually, its this nigga

Mario Winans

Yup. I said it. 

Mario Winans comes from the legendary Winans singing family. His production and writing skills are top-notch. Him, along with Stevie J (my hero) are credited with creating the foundation for Bad Boy's record label success. In 2004, Mario released the song "I Don't Want To Know" which exploded nationally. Regardless of how you feel about infidelity, the song struck a nerve, and Winans was at the front of the new R&B scene. 9 years later, we are left with.....


Whether or not this feeds into the Bad Boy curse, Mario hasn't left much closure for his fans or critics. To come from a legendary family, who loves to take care of Gospel, Mario is clearly content being a deadbeat dad for R&B. 

There you have it. Once again, this isn't a knock. Just that these 5 guys have yet to provide any closure to their fans from a R&B standpoint. They have too much talent for it to be wasted on Lauryn Hill island. 

Dictated not read


Honorable mention: Jon B, J. Holiday, Remy Shand, and Tyrese.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The 5 Real Deadbeat Dads To Hip-Hop

With hip-hop being the bastard child, the 5 hip-hop figures below have treated the genre (lately) like a deadbeat dad treats his son, or what we like to call "A Draya." Unlike a deadbeat dad, these people have contributed more to the hip-hop culture than most. Their legacies are cemented in many circles, but unresolved in others. 

Its not funny to call anyone a deadbeat dad without sufficient evidence. But for the hip-hop genre, its entirely appropriate to do so.  After all, Hip-Hop is a bastardized genre compared to others. The problem is that these artists' musical destinies are unresolved. They leave their fans and critics in suspense  like an Ameriie record. These five artists have not provided any real closure to their fans. 

But what have we gotten since then? 

Broken promises. Distractions. Lack of interest. And lack of edges. And when you continue to disappoint the child (being hip-hop), you are left with this guy 

All we want is for these 5 figures below to provide closure to their fans. Or some more gotdamn material to keep our mouths shut. 

So, here goes...

Ladies and Gents, I present, THE 5 REAL DEADBEAT DADS TO HIP-HOP!!!!!!!!!!!!

Andre 3000  

He made the perfect album with "The Love Below". He is hip-hop sole transcendent figure. Jay-Z called him a male version of Lauryn Hill....which I'm not sure is considered a compliment anymore. 

(I'm not sure if Jay-Z saying your name in any form is a compliment nowadays. THANK YOU BASED MILEY). 

He is the first known living survivor of Erykah Badu Box. And he's an amazing deadbeat dad to hip-hop. AMAZING. 

Every once in a while, 3000 will swing back around the neighborhood, probably in a spaceship, and drop by Hip-Hop's house, and deliver a nice guest feature to keep us excited. He'll fix up the house, do chores, read homework, and play video games with you or some shit. Then, all happy n shit,  you're like... 

"Dad!! Its good to have you back!! Can you stay? Play some ball with us? Can you take us to the barbershop? Dad, you are so great at fixing things, can you fix my bike?"

Then he leaves for like 6 months. 

Then you make the Fresh Prince face when he tries to go with his Pops.


In your mind, you are thinking after 10 years since dropping a solo album, Andre will settle down, and father these hipster kids he's influenced. Maybe, just maybe, Andre will stay in hip-hop's home, and put out a solo album.


Simply put, He's content with having visitation rights to hip-hop. He makes 75K a guest verse. His verses are always noteworthy. His "Sorry" verse on T.I.'s song puts his career in great perspective. And though there are rumors that he's working on a new album in 2014, it won't erase his negligence for the last years. 

You can't please everybody....

Dr. Dre 

LOOK OUT FOR DETOX - Dre in 2005. In 2005. George W Bush was our gotdamn President back then.

Hip-hop  ranks Dr. Dre at the the top of the list in terms of production. His legacy in hip-hop is beyond cemented. But he's a deadbeat dad to hip-hop. And has been since Chronic 2001

He traded in family time with Hip-Hop in exchange for A-Rod's stash of steroids and selling 300 dollar plastic headphones. And we're like "Dad, you promised us Detox in 2005. You've only released TWO albums in 23 years. You tell us you're coming back, but you treat us like animal." But unlike Andre 3K, who probably just teleports to Stankonia,  Dr. Dre is openly cheating on hip-hop with headphones. Headphones my nigga.

He's probably the best known deadbeat dad to hip-hop we've known ONLY on terms of dropping his own material. Contributions wise, the nigga done paid his child support since 1989. We still need some damn closure tho.


This is an interesting one. Cee-lo has completely re-invented himself into the black Elton John. His singing projects have been received with critical acclaim and positive fan reception. But before Cee-lo got married to Pop music, he was banging the shit out of Hip-Hop. Now he's an absentee dad to Hip-Hop. What gives?

In the late 90s, Cee-lo was a high-ranking member of legendary hip-hop group Goodie Mob. Cee-lo's rapping ability and unique voice stood out among everybody in the South not named Andre 3000. But like 3000, Cee-lo sought greener pastures. 

Hip-Hop wasn't cooking at home (well, judging by his equator size waist, we'd disagree). Hip-Hop didn't treat him like he was that nigga. 

Hip-Hop became a Twitter Honey to Cee-lo, and rather than stick around and see Hip-Hop get Instagram likes from other niggas, Cee-lo left and found a new boo. Now Hip-Hop is left with...................ummmm........

I won't say that Cee-lo should come back to hip-hop. He's doing just fine neglecting it. 


Dark Man X. DMX. 90s Babies do not understand how much of a stronghold on hip-hop he had in the late 90s. Other than Jay-Z, no one has had more consecutive No 1. Albums than DMX. Despite the fact that he has 10 children by (rumored to be) 7 women, DMX is a deadbeat dad to hip-hop. Instead of chasing a different genre of music like Cee-lo, or having your side hustle become your main hustle like Dr. Dre, DMX chasing something we like to call


On this list, DMX is the sole deadbeat dad to hip-hop who abandoned it for cocaine. Most people who grow up with parents who are on crack know that its an addiction that takes precedent over anything in life. Even edges. No rapper has been arrested more than DMX since 1999. 

We don't even realize that DMX released an album last September. THAT'S how much of a deadbeat dad he is to hip-hop nowadays. And its sad. I miss him barking on records, killing 56 niggas, and praying at the end of  albums. 

Lauryn Hill

Yes. The Queen of Natural Hair and Shea Butter is the sole deadbeat mom to hip-hop. All the joy in her world went to her family, which is actually admirable if you think about it. But after one album, which at the moment cemented her legacy among the greats, Lauryn Hill straight abandoned hip-hop. 

She became a recluse, resenting any type of accolades she may or may not have achieved. (Its rumored that she didn't write 90% of her stuff on her MisEducation album) She continued to have more kids and not hiring any accountants in the same vein. Her last album was released in 1995. (I don't count that Unplugged mess) One album in *shivers* 18 years. That's a full-ass adult since Lauryn came back home to hip-hop. 

Regardless of how you may perceive her, 90s babies know that Lauryn Hill was a force to be reckoned with.  Let's call it what is it. She's a deadbeat mom. And probably not a good person as well. 

There you have it. We just want closure. That's all. No more suspense, steroids, apologizing for messing up the tour, crackish behavior, and IRS tax evasion. Just closure. 

Until then, this is all Wale's fault. 

Dictated not read

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Ken Griffery Jr: The Black Mickey Mantle

Ken Griffey Jr: My Mickey Mantle

30 years ago til now, fans and critics continue the debate of Mickey Mantle the greatest Yankee of all time…….barring injuries. Not so much for his stats, lifestyle, or tragic end, but for his imposing personality and his ability to transcend beyond the sport itself. 30 years later, they will be calling Ken Griffey Jr. the greatest baseball player in the steroid era, and perhaps top 10 all-time.
My experience growing up with Griffey will make me a little biased, but let me explain…
As a young African-American male in a white suburban neighborhood, I often found it hard to relate to my peers as far as hobbies. I wasn’t into BMX’ing, skateboarding, or quads. But the one thing we all had in common is that we loved baseball. There was a baseball field in my neighborhood (even if it was all dirt) and during the summers, we would all go and play baseball, emulating our favorite baseball players. It would be a collection of Greg Maddux, Barry Larkin, Gary Sheffield, and Ken Griffey Jr.
I had Ken Griffey’s stance. I patterned my swing after his. I had my hat cocked backwards EVERYWHERE. I wore the #24 on ALL OF MY SPORTS TEAMS, including my junior varsity year in Basketball. I always played center field, and tried to make catches off the wall….to no avail.
 I religiously watched the Mariners every day. The lineup was this (in no order): Jay Buhner, Ken Griffey Jr., Edgar Martinez, Tino Martinez, A young A-Rod (this is why the Mariners suck nowadays), probably the best lineup of the 90s. Though they didn’t win anything, they still produced at a very high level, even making the ALCS one year (with the infamous Griffey slide against the Yankees). 
During his career, Griffey won 10 gold gloves in 22 years. 13 time all-star, and is 5th in total homeruns (630). Oh yeah, he also never failed a drug test, or tested positive for steroids.  He was drafted number one overall at 16 YEARS OLD and entered the league at 19 years old!!! He was named to the All-Century team at 29!!! He is an anomaly in today’s HGH-filled baseball world, and continues to retain respect from teammates, foes, and critics alike.
He (not Barry Bonds) is the marquee African-American athlete in baseball. Kids of all races rocked his Nike shoes. He was the modern day Mickey Mantle-people just gravitated to him naturally. He created euphoria wherever he went. After his 97 MVP year (please google that, you will be amazed), things slowly went downhill…
Once he left the Mariners, my heart dropped. Injuries robbed him of his superstar talent. He changed his number. The Reds never quite accepted him, as he was trying to honor his father by playing for his team. (The Reds) He played for a forgettable White Sox team. He was no longer relevant in the major leagues anymore. ”The Kid” became “The Adult.”  “The Natural” became “The Human” and was never the same….
For 90s babies, regardless of creed or background, you admired and respected Ken Griffey Jr. More than Mark McGuire, Sammy Sosa, Derek Jeter (who is my new favorite player), Albert Puljos, or Barry Bonds. He is our Mantle. Our hero. Never had an off the field incident. A true legend, and in my top 10 all-time baseball players, and 2nd best center fielder (Willie Mays owns that easily) Let’s toast to a better after-baseball life than Mantle.

Good Riddance "The Cleveland Show"

Hearing some rumors that "The Cleveland Show" is being cancelled. 
*Terio dances at cubicle* 
Good riddance. But before you leave, peep this. 

If you follow me on twitter, you will know that I am an avid fan of Family Guy. Its the PERFECT fall-asleep show. It comes on 4 times a day, and if you watch the later episodes, you are in for a hearty good time. But do me a favor.
Name me the top 5 funniest characters from Family Guy.
Here are mine:
Adam West
Those are mine. You could make a case for Lois, Chris, Greasy Deaf Guy, and many more. But do you know who I DON’T have on that list?
You guessed it, Cleveland.
If you watch Family Guy, you understand Cleveland and his calm, laid back, well-manner tokenism role on the show. He’s very subservient (Uncle Tom) and his wife Loretta reeked of the Black Angry Woman stereotype. And thought he hangs out with Peter, Joe, and Quagmire, he’s the least funniest of the four.
So no, I don’t fuck with Cleveland comedically initially, but whatever
So when Seth McFarlane announced that he was creating a spin-off show based on Cleveland’s character, I wasn’t excited nor looking forward to it. I mean, American Dad IMO worked out VERY WELL, but there’s nothing about Cleveland I find funny nor entertaining. Whatever.
Enter The Cleveland Show.
I watch the first episode. I watched the second show. I was waiting on the punchline. Or that little voice in my head that would let me know when it was funny. But instead, I found out the joke was on me…
This shit is straight blackface. Let me explain
We have Cleveland (played by Mark Henry, a white guy), Donna, a divorced mother-of-two, Roberta (who the fuck names their daughters Roberta?) a ghetto-ass rebellious teenager (because all black chicks that are over 16 are rebellious), Cleveland Jr., who is REALLY fat all of a sudden, and Rollo, the black version of Stewie, except not funny or witty. AT ALL. (also voiced by Mark Henry). Rollo might be the worst animated black character in prime-time television history
The show takes place in suburban Virginia where Cleveland is starting his new life fresh off of his divorce. Donna’s husband is a deadbeat, and Cleveland’s best friends are a redneck, midget, and a bear…
Sounds like a racist joke to me. But I digress
When I watch this show, I can’t identify with its bland attempt at humor at all. Its the exact same way I feel when I watch a Tyler Perry TV show. Its a terrible caricaturization of black life. All I see are nothing but recycled clich├ęs and lazy attempts at humor. Its like watching a minstrel show. Except the animation is better and the minstrel element is hidden in a terrible 2 year old kid named Rollo.
Its beyond problematic, because I am such an avid watcher of Family Guy. Because Family Guy, as funny as it is, is VERY crude humor. They are known to push the envelope on all subjects everything (S/O to @CJStarchild) Even though they have their hit or miss moments, they tend to hit the mark consistently. Cleveland Show misses ALL the marks. Its like Josh Smith shooting a 3-pointer.
Its beyond problematic from someone who LOVES Family Guy. Normally, Seth McFarlane has a very studious approach to humor, but this is just plain awful. I don’t see how anyone can watch this for 15 minutes and be like “yeah, this is my shit.” I’m not saying you should be offended by it, but what I am saying is always look beneath the surface. Behind every joke, good or bad, is a thin layer of truth to it.
But when you basically take the cast of Family Guy, color them brown, move them down the road a bit, and make the same stereotypical jokes and shit, you have WAY more challenges. You know why?
Because black crude humor is the HARDEST humor to imitate if you are NOT black.
9 times out of 10, if you are non-black, and you make attempts at black crude humor, you are either going to come off as insensitive or crass.
And if you are NOT funny at all? Racist. Racism is only tolerable if its funny.
Name a funny comedian of a different race (not that race matters, but for the sake of argument) who does crude black humor? Lisa Lampanelli? No thanks. OK you get my point.
Say what you want about The Simpsons, but the reason why they will always be more relevant than Family Guy is catering to their fanbase, and their model of consistency.